WHat's it all about?

Well... the story! 

   Wedding photography is about real moments, not just pretty pictures, everyone is going to tell you that, but it really is! Your wedding day is made up of moments, curious connections between the people who you love and your wedding unfolding in front of you. It's the things you feel on your wedding day, it's why you love & what I focus on, your story.

   My approach has always been instinctual and based on feelings. Having an immersive photojournalistic style allows me to quietly observe your wedding and move in to capture your moments, and it's the moments that I'm curious about. If you want to help capture beautiful moments at your wedding; simply be there with your family and friends, experiencing the emotions of your wedding day. If you are feeling the day, it will show in our photos.

   As a stylized choice, this year I decide to primarily show wedding images in B&W, I just prefer how they feel, however your finished wedding edit will be a combo of hand toned color and B&W images telling your wedding story. (check out some examples on the PORTFOLIO page)