So who is Zak anyways?


Well that’s a complicated question but I’ll give you some bullet points for now.

- I just got married to my beautiful wife a few months back. (that's us in the photo!) So I totally know what you are going through.

-About 10 years ago, back in North Dakota, I took a class on B&W film photography (think the look and feel of film influenced my current work?) and I’ve been carrying a camera ever since.

-Today, I'm all digital, but still love shooting film and eventually would love to photograph a wedding entirely on B&W 35mm. The difference is the same as listening to a 12 inch vinyl record or an MP3. 

-I'm a classically trained photographer and obtained my degree from Harrington College of Design, whilst living in Chicago.

-In school I focused on event photography, and was lucky enough to be part of a team covering TEDx Midwest and Chicago Ideas Week.

-I believe that Goodwill and compassion are valuable business skills.

-I’m a Workaholic - The only rule I have when it comes to your wedding is that I tell your wedding story even if that means unlimited wedding day coverage.

-I'm kind of quiet, a good listener, and very observant. 

-I moved to Montana about 5 years ago, and currently live between Billings and Red Lodge. 


If you would like more information feel free to ask me anything on the CONTACT page.


Photo by Eye in the Sky Photography, take on my wedding day.

Photo by Eye in the Sky Photography, take on my wedding day.