Style is photojournalism and high end portrait w/ examples. That page links to the about me and tells my journey to this point.

So what the heck is “photojournalism”?


/ˌfōdōˈjərnəˌlizəm/ noun

The art or practice of communicating events & stories using photographs.

And what that mean for your wedding photography is…

So, wedding photojournalism focuses on the events of your day and uses photographs to capture and tell your love story centered & focused on the candid moments and natural happings of your wedding. A wedding days (& wedding photography) is made of many different events,

But that doesn’t mean we are light on the portraits!


Almost 80% of couples spend more than they are planning on there wedding.

I mean, how often does your big crazy family get together?

It is so important that we feel comfortable around eachother b/c we will probably see eachother more than your spouse-to-be on your wedding day.

So you can remember all the love and happiness of your wedding day!

Now days it’s common to live far from your family & friends, flipping through your photo album seeing their smiling faces will help you feel closer to the people you love.

Planning a wedding is a HUGE undertaking & your wedding day will go by fast. Your photos should take you back and allow you to relive your wedding day. I had mine last year and made it threw so I know you will too, & I’m hear to help!

Every wedding is unique and your’s in no different!

I was born and raised in North Dakota but have been living and working in the Billings, Red Lodge, Bozeman, & Big Sky areas for the last several years. I love to travel & am so fortunate that it is a natural part of the photographic work I do.

I am a Montana wedding photographer and I photograph…

Don’t get me wrong, we will for sure get the posed shots of both of you but the main focus is the moments and your love on such an important day between the two of you and the whole crazy new family.

Photos that show connections between real people.

I hope you love what you see

For couples telling real love stories.

No mater where you are making memories I’m happy to help save them for you.

Relax, your in good hands.

No matter where you are getting married, be it Red Lodge, Bozeman, Big Sky or Missoula I've got you covered! 

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