WHAT TO WEAR to your engagement or family photography session.

When it comes time to get ready for your session a question that often comes up is what to wear for your engagement or family photography. Below are a few pointers and ideas to help guide you going into your session.

I hope this helps.


-    Let Your Personality Show- Keep the following points in mind but let your personality show. Wear clothing you look and feel good in, the photos will do the rest.

-    Colors & Patterns- Be sure to use colors that coordinate with each other and the environment. If considering patterns, note that small and tight patterns such as pinstripe and other tight print or even small weave can trick the camera censor and appear odd and wavy, clothing with small print design on the other hand is normally fine. Clothing with large logos should also be avoided, the purpose of your session is to show off who you are, not to sell product. But most importantly select something you are comfortable in.


-    Coordinate Outfits- When you are selecting what to wear during your session conciser outfits that complement each other, the environment and your personalities.


-    Dress for the Location & Occasion- Air on the side of caution, going a little more formal than we normally do is generally a good idea. Keep in mind the location, who you are and where we are shooting. If we are shooting on a trail head in Red Lodge, something a little sportier may be more appropriate than a formal outfit. Always make sure everyone is on the same page and dressing appropriately.


-    Layering- Layering is a good idea, it lets you quickly adjust to the changing weather conditions in Montana and allows for several looks without taking time for outfits changes. (I always allow as many wardrobe changes as you would like, but remember they do cut into shooting time.)


-    Plan Ahead- Give yourself time to think about what you will be wearing!

-    Bring Options- Who doesn’t like a few options?


       Another thing I tell clients who are planning an engagement session (or session of any kind) is to play dress up together. This can help everyone select outfits that they look there best in. If your significant other thinks you look good in a particular ensemble, chances are that you do! They may even have a few favorite accessory! Take some time with each other to talk about what you like to see each other in and work out a few outfits that work great together!


       Keep the location and season in mind and start with a color theme. Start with one person’s outfit, such as the bride to be or mom’s and build from there.
       After one outfit has been selected move to the next person, the groom to be for example, use colors from the previous person’s outfits to coordinate and select an outfit that matches the previous outfit and location.

       Keeping that in mind, the next thing to think about is props and accessories that could personalize the session. Be sure to make thoughtful choices and don’t be afraid to discuss any questions you have with each other and myself.