I want your wedding photos to last forever, this is what you need to know about backing them up!

Have you gotten a new computer or lost your phone and in the process lost all the photos on the device? This is a real problem, storage solutions in the digital are more important than they have ever been!

The solution I recommend is a trifecta, using each of these three options: Print, Cloud, and a USB Hard Drive. If you choose to take advantage of all three options, you will maximize the chance of your wedding images surviving for the next 100 years and possibly even longer.

Print: Printing your photos is the most reliable and permanent way to preserve your memories, sometimes for over 100 years. Printing is the only way, excluding fire or flood, to guarantee your images will last. I still have photos of my great great grandparents and other family members from the early 1900’s and this is because a box of prints is something you hand down to your children, and your children's children. Nobody want’s your old phone or computer… not even you! So for the love of family history make prints!!



Cloud: With the speed and unpredictability that technology is evolving at, cloud storage is an extremely useful solution. This option also allows for the easiest way to share your photos between devices and on social media. The best online/cloud option available today, at least that I am aware of, is built into all of my wedding packages. I currently offer an online storage solution via a 3rd party company. This company offers a cloud backup solution for your digital images over the next 10 years. Once that time passes, they have not declared what their intent is, but for the next 10 years, they will host your images in the cloud providing you plenty of time to make those everlasting prints. Many other companies also offer cloud storage at a range of prices.

USB: USB storage solutions come in many shapes and sizes and have been a versatile storage solution for the last several years. Thumb drives, passports, and desktop drives reach up to several terabytes in size and only cost as little as $100. Devices have become more affordable and reliably built, with SSD storage (solid state drive) being the most reliable and has no moving internal parts. However, as technology evolves, eventually errors may occur and files my corrupt because devices have trouble communicating or just get old. What I recommend USB devices for is, an easy, cheap and reliable way to transport and archive your wedding memories for the next few years. However, I would not rely on USB drive for more than about 5 years before transferring to another device. It is not recommended to use only USB for your storage solution.

Other: Several other storage options are available, from CD’s and floppy discs all the way to DNA, yes, you can now save things on DNA and it lasts for centuries! Nobody knows how technology will evolve but if you have a proper backup plan your images will be around for a long time. Remember, not so long ago, an 8-track player was one of the most popular choices for music (when was the last time you listened to and 8-track??) and I don’t want your images to be as difficult to access as a love tune from the 60’s.

I want your wedding photos to stand the best chance of lasting, I am in the business of capturing memories after all. I hope this helps inform you of some storage options you have.