I've always been a bit of a Boy Scout and the Scout motto is: "Be Prepared" and I always try to be. I have created a little kit of things that have proven themselves to be useful on different wedding days in the bottom of my camera bag.

I carry things like:

Tums if the groom is a little nervous and has an upset stomach, ibuprofen for someone who had a bit more than was good for them the night before and now are feeling less than themselves on the morning of the wedding. 

A lot of times Montana weddings happen outside and up in the mountains and we are subject to the elements. Sunscreen, bug spray and a Benadryl Itch Stick.

You got a fancy new pair of wedding shoes and didn't have time to break them in, I've got bandages and mole skin, take your pick. 

One of the most popular items in my kit, or at least it feels like I'm always replacing them, is safety and bobby pins. It's not uncommon to go through 8-10 of each during a wedding day. 

I've got things that can take lipstick off the collar of a shirt, and red wine out of a wedding dress.

Tools to help mom with all the buttons when she is putting you into your dress. 

A small sewing kit.

Gaff Tape, it's better than duct tape and comes in black or white.

In my pockets I'm always got a nice pen, for when the minister needs one during the ceremony and left his in the car. My knife gets used at almost every wedding I work. And chap stick!

And my kit grows every few weddings as new needs arise. 


Zak Jokela is a wedding photographer and photojournalist currently located in Billings, Montana, who frequently serves the Red Lodge, Bozeman, & Big Sky areas in Montana, Cody in Wyoming, and his hometown of Watford City, North Dakota. He is also happy and willing to travel elsewhere nationally or abroad. Fill out a contact form for more information regarding services.