Solar Eclipse in Red Lodge Montana.

Photo of the sun during the solar eclipse, Red Lodge Montana.

Photo of the sun during the solar eclipse, Red Lodge Montana.

Last Monday was the solar eclipse so Alex and I headed up the Beartooth Pass just outside Red Lodge to view it. In Red Lodge the eclipse had about 90% coverage and happened just before noon. We headed up the Beartooth and hiked off the road a little bit to find a place to set up camp, have a picnic and chill until the eclipse. 

Viewing the Eclipse in Red Lodge, Montana.

The entire event lasted about two hours. What surprised me the most about it was how cold it got, I bet that it dropped at least 10 degrees. 

The day before I created a camera obscura (also known as a "Pin Hole Camera") with interchangeable lenses for another way to view the eclipse, but... I left it at home... so I created a pinhole in my viewing glasses (photo below) and projected an image of the eclipse on a rock.  

Solar Eclipse as seen in Red Lodge.

Solar Eclipse as seen in Red Lodge.

In the image below I placed my solar viewer over the lens on my camera to capture the eclipse and Alex in the same frame. 

(Notice how the projection on the rock is inverted compared to what it looked like in the sky. When an image passes through a simple lens it is reversed and flipped. Take a look at THIS example for an illustration.)

Did anyone else get to see the eclipse and where did you watch it from? 


After the eclipse we did a little scouting down around Wild Bill Lake near Red Lodge for a photo session I have this weekend. I'll get some photos up from that next week.

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