Cowboy Carousel Center - Buffalo, Wy Wedding Photography - Hillary & Sam

I’ve been excited for this wedding for a long time.

Hillary and Sam are unapologetically themselves and I love it. One of the things I tell all my engaged couples when we are taking about the planning process is to forget about what is “typical”, “traditional” or “expected” during the wedding day & encourage them to incorporate details that are true to who they are as a couple. If your wedding activities and details show your personality, interests and story you will have a truly unique and powerfully personal wedding!

It is so important to be yourself.

That is why I get excited when I hear the bride is going to put her welding leathers on over the wedding dress during the ceremony so the newlyweds can make a literal weld to symbolize the union and commitment they are making to each other.

So… if you love and thrive off competition, then yes I absolutely think you should play a game of competitive Pictionary to see who gets to eat first!

Or… if the rings are designed with a duo-tone sapphire and Damascus Steel, it might not be “traditional”. But it is perfectly you and will have SO much more emotional value!

Every time I get down to Wyoming I see this kind of personal expression and would love to travel there for more weddings. If you know someone who is planning a wedding in Buffalo, Sheridan, or Cody please send them in my direction!

Hillary & Sam, best wishes, keep it up, & remember the wise words of Charles Wright; “Express Yourself”!

Thank you so much for involving me in your wedding day!

Thank you to the hard working Wyoming wedding vendors!!



Venue - Cowboy Carousel Center -Buffalo, WY

Jewelry - On the Rocks - Sheridan, WY

Food - Bonafide - bomb ass burritos - Sheridan, WY

Cake - Frosted Tops - Casper, WY

Beer - Luminous Brewery - Sheridan, WY

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