Luke & Sammi, MN Engagement Photography Session

An engagement session is a great way to SHOW how you FEEL about someone.

I read an article today that discussed one major aspect of photojournalism that I focus on. This article was talking about the “in-between moments” where you forget that you are being photographed. This is where you capture the real part of a person and it gives the image soul. Those are the kind of moments I’m trying to photograph during an engagement session or wedding. Those beautiful candid, natural “in-between moments” that show you looking and feeling happy and natural.

Sammi & Luke had plenty of those “in-between moments” at a recent engagement photography session we had over the 4th of July.

It’s good to be a little flirty during an engagement session.

How’s a girl going to turn down a marriage proposal when he has a ring & a puppy!

The first time Luke noticed Sammi was back in high school. He could see her running in the gym from up in the weight room.

They just got engaged and are planning a fall wedding in Minnesota next year. When Luke proposed he surprised her with a ring and a new puppy, and Sammy had to say “yes”. Luke rode a bull 2 days before our session so we thought that the rodeo grounds would be a perfect location for their engagement photography.

Rodeo engagement photos, yes please!

It’s always fun incorporating a theme into an engagement session.

Luke stuck his ride at the PBR a few nights before only yards from this spot.

Most of the people that I work with are at least a little uncomfortable in front of a camera. It doesn’t feel that normal or natural and for most of us it doesn’t happen every day. That is exactly why I always help the people I’m photographing forget about the camera during a session.

With a camera in your face, it can be challenging to relax and allow those “in-between moments” to happen. So during an engagement session I’m always trying to distract the subject. We talk about the couples past, how they met or what they enjoy doing on the weekends. We also talk about any plans they have for the future (Like the wedding & honeymoon!). Once they are talking about what they enjoy doing together, I encourage them to interact and play a few simple little games together. Now that the couple is focusing on and interacting with each other the camera doesn’t matter as much and is soon forgotten.

That’s when we get those natural “in-between moments” during your engagement session.

Look at the love and connection between them! They are so ready to get married!

After an engagement session, I’m often told by the couple that they didn’t feel like they were out for a photography session. They felt like they just went for a walk with a friend.

It’s so important to feel comfortable with your photographer. On the wedding day it’s not uncommon for the bride and groom to spend more time with me than they do with each other. So if I hear them say they forgot about the camera during the session, I know we have reached the level of trust and comfort needed for me to get in and capture those real moments during the wedding.

Adding an engagement photography session to your wedding coverage is always a good idea. You get some awesome photos out of it and it also acts as a trust and communication building exercise. It especially helps if you have any nerves about being in front of the camera on your wedding day. This opportunity to work together before the wedding is important so we can more quickly get into creating awesome images because we already understand the communication system for posing and have done it before.

Engagement sessions are so beneficial that I even offer a small discount on them if you book your wedding with me.

How awesome is that dress? If you are wondering what to wear, I have a guide HERE.

By the end of your engagement photography session, you will be relaxed and ready for the speed posing that happens on a wedding day.

Grab each other and don’t let go.

If you are feeling relaxed at your engagement session, you will look relaxed, and that is exactly why I work hard to help you forget that the camera is even there. It’s so important, the soul of the session is in those real “in-between moments”. The candid moments when you can feel the connection between two people in love.

Looking for engagement photography?

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