Camelot Ranch - Billings Montana Wedding Photography - Cara & Nick

Real wedding photography from right here in Billings, Montana.

Real wedding photography from right here in Billings, Montana.

One of the things I enjoy most about Cara and Nick is that they always have an abundance of joy. When they are together it’s all smiles and laughs and from the stories I heard at the wedding, it’s been that way from the night they met.

What a beautifully seamless day! Nick and Cara’s wedding at Camelot Ranch was the first wedding in a long time that has been perfect according to the time line. In addition, the July weather was awesome. It topped out in the low 80’s and was sunny all morning with a few clouds in the afternoon and some light sprinkles in the evening.

Camelot Ranch is one of the newest and best wedding venues in Billings, MT. It’s located on the west edge of town, has space for bridal prep, and several ceremony locations to chose from. It also has a large indoor space for dancing and dinner.

Engagement session from last December can be found HERE.

Venue: Camelot Ranch - 8736 Camelot Ln, Billings, MT

Hairstylist - Makla Bulock - A Head Of Our Time Salon

Flowers: Gainan's - 1603 Grand Ave #140, Billings, MT

Catering: Uncle B, “Make a hole!”

Cake: Marie Downer

Day of Coordinator: Kira Minter

DJ: Magic City Productions

A note on planning a stress free wedding day:

It should be no surprise that wedding celebrations are made of lots of work and have many moving pieces. It takes a team of vendors working with the bride and groom to pull off the perfect wedding of your dreams. I think it’s safe to say that everyone wants a stress free wedding day and one of my main goals is to make the day as stress free as possible. However all my all my efforts pail in comparison to the amount of stress that a “day of” coordinator can save you from during your wedding.

The role that started out as personal attendant has evolved over time into that of a “day of” coordinator. They can really assist in avoiding unwanted wedding stress. On your wedding day you will want to enjoy and celebrate with family and friends instead of worrying about execution of details. They are absolutely one of the unsung hero’s of many weddings and I have know them by several names.

Hiring the right professional for this is so worth it. They have an intimate understanding of what it takes to put together a wedding day. I have seen them solve so many problems before they had the opportunity to manifest.

(Take a look on the vendor list for some names or any other help you are still looking for.)

This can be someone you hire or just a family friend, but you should find the right kind of person for this important roll. First off, they must be well organized. They should also understand your vision for the wedding, have the authority to make a call if needed and understand when to check in with you.

(Mom’s, as much as you want to help and think maybe you could fill this role, I promise your time is better spent being present and suggest you find someone else so you can fully enjoy your child’s wedding day.)

But most importantly, they always have just what you need, cheers!


If you are getting married in Billings and looking for a local photographer I’d love to talk about your wedding!

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